I’m so considerate. But when I realise that I’m not getting the same, I don’t give a shit when it comes to expressing my feelings. Give me that. I’m entitled to that!!


Bruh. Rarely people complain about me until it’s me reacting to something. Guess what? Every action has a reaction.

That says a lot, I know how to treat people but I’m human enough to put me first when it comes to my sentiments on things.

Say that!


I can’t wait to go into my child’s room one day when they are blasting music and be like “Chiiile, whatcu know bout that Beyoncé?” 


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Black girls please shamelessly take selfies with your bonnets and scarfs on. It’s self love really.

When you have your read receipts on but don’t feel like responding to the message so you let it sit there for hours before you open it so you won’t feel as bad…